(effective 7th February 2022)




This COVID-Safe Policy is written with the aim of minimising risk to the health and safety of our members, their close contacts, and any individuals who engage with the Association while COVID-19 remains a global threat.


All members are required to adhere to this COVID-Safe Policy, effective 7th February 2022. This Policy is subject to updates as the situation in WA changes. Updates to this policy will be communicated to our members via email and uploaded to our website.





  • Members must show they are at least double-vaccinated to participate in any rehearsals, gigs and/or Association events until otherwise instructed, commencing 7th February 2022.  
  • The Secretary is responsible for viewing proof of vaccination status and keeping the membership records updated accordingly.
  • Acceptable forms of vaccine proof are to be consistent with State regulation: COVID-19 digital certificate, a printed copy of the certificate, an immunisation history statement, or a valid medical exemption (printed or digital).
  • Proof can be uploaded with the 2022 Membership Renewal form, emailed to the Secretary, or shown to the Secretary in-person just before entering the rehearsal space for the member’s first time in 2022.
  • Any non-members joining in a rehearsal or performance must also show proof of vaccination before participating. This includes prospective members, guest musicians, workshop leaders and conductors.





  • A suitable mask must be worn upon arrival, departure, and during any breaks.
  • Woodwind and brass players are exempt from mask wearing during rehearsal only; all other members and visitors inside the rehearsal space must wear a mask at all times.





  • Combined Districts Concert Band now has our own SafeWA QR code. Members must register their attendance at each rehearsal. Multiple SafeWA QR posters are to be located inside the rehearsal space.





  • Seats must be arranged with 1.5m distance between chairs in the same row, and at least 1.5m gap between each row.
  • Only one musician per stand and folder; please make another black music folder if 2 or more members usually share the same file. The photocopier is available to make extra parts as needed and there are plenty of empty black folders to use.





  • Please bring your own music stand where possible.
  • Members must not share mouthpieces, instruments or reeds.
  • Brass and woodwind players please bring a towel or cloth to absorb spit; instruments must never be emptied straight onto the floor.
  • Extra rehearsal pencils are available for members to reduce the sharing of items.





  • Please sanitise or wash your hands before and after rehearsal; hand sanitiser will be available at rehearsals.
  • Please use sanitising wipes to clean any surfaces touched as needed. Wipes will be available at rehearsals.
  • Doors and windows should be kept open to allow maximal air ventilation through the rehearsal space.





  • Please stay home if you have any symptoms, just email [the apologies email address]
  • Do not attend if you have recently had face-to-face contact or shared a close space for any amount of duration with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (while they were considered infectious).
  • Do not attend if you have recently been in an area where there is a high prevalence of COVID-19 infection or have recently been in a venue when COVID-19 transmission was occurring.



Thank you in advance for your cooperation and responsible actions that help to minimise the health risk to our members and associates.

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