Combined Districts Concert Band (Inc.) is a not-for-profit community group based in Perth, Western Australia. The Association acknowledges the outstanding contributions, dedication, and service the following volunteers have shown. Our volunteers have been instrumental to the ongoing success of the band since it began in 1987. Thank you to all members who have made a positive impact, and helped keep music-making alive in the Perth community.

Eric Cooper Award For Outstanding Service to The Band


1992    Merilyn Winslade

1993    Kelly Van Til

1994    Andrew Van De Werve

1995    Michelle Thomas

1996    Robert Bouwman

1997    Jodi Cake

1998    Wayne Griffiths

1999    Sandra Jakins

2000    Fiona Grieg

2001    Owen Snook

2002    Adam Waugh

2003    Claire Connor

2004    Jabin Herd

2005    Bronwyn Morris

2006    Emma Evangelista

2007    Christopher Milne

2008    Samuel Cleary

2009    Kate Rose

2010    Robyn Brennan

2011    Owen Snook

2012    Jess Breadsell

2013    Michael Pantner

2014    Alex Morris

2015    Blake Segler

2016    Kate Rose

2017    Glyn MacDonald

2018    Shima Saito

2019    Sophie Giraudo

2020    Emma Evangelista

2021    Gaby Allan


Eric Cooper (deceased)

Jenny Hall

Merilyn Winslade

Jenny Winslade (deceased)

Pam Vallis

Max Vallis

Ray Griffiths

Wayne Griffiths

Robyn Brennan

Ian Milne (Major, retd)

Kate Rose

Owen Snook

Jabin Herd

Bronwyn Morris

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