(last updated 07.03.2021)


Personal information is collected by the Committee to carry out necessary operations of the Association. Such information may include: full name, birth date, personal address, email address, phone number, bank details, Doctor’s contact details, next of kin details, and confidential health information.


Information will be collected and shared only with prior consent granted by the member, or their parent/guardian if the member is under 18 years old.


When becoming a member of this Association, or in fact any Incorporated Association, your name and contact address (residential or email address) is legally required to be made available to other members via the ‘member register’ (Associations Incorporation Act, 2015).


Association members do not need to give prior consent for another member to view this ‘member register’. Australian Privacy Principles allow for an organisation to disclose personal information when required or authorised under law. The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 is the law that enables a member to access the ‘member register’ discussed above.


A member must not use or disclose the information obtained from the ‘member register’ for any purpose that is not directly related to the affairs of the Association. For example, it cannot be used to send material for political, religious, charitable or commercial advertising purposes.


If the intent of the member requesting a copy of Association documents is unclear, the Committee reserves the right to request a Statutory Declaration be signed by the requesting member. The Statutory Declaration must state the purpose for which the information is required and confirm that the purpose is related to the affairs of the Association.


Further personal information must be stored separately from the ‘member register’. Personal information (apart from name and contact address) will only be disclosed to necessary office bearers of the Committee when required to carry-out the duties of their role.


Relevant personal information may be shared with authorised external organisations when necessary e.g. to register playing band members with the West Australian Band Association and/or the National Band Council.


The Committee will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is protected against misuse, loss, unauthorised access and disclosure. Personal information may be disclosed by the Committee if required by law; if it is necessary to disclose the information to prevent harm or injury to a person, or if it is deemed necessary to disclose the information to a regulatory or government agency, or professional association, for further investigation.


Members violating this Privacy Policy of the Association may be subject to investigation and disciplinary action.





The Association makes use of online platforms to raise awareness of the band, build membership numbers, and seek prospective gigs. For example, we have Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts, and we have a public Band website.


Consent needs to be obtained in writing prior to posting images of individuals when the person is under the age of 18. Any information or image(s) of a member will be removed on request by that person, or their parent/guardian.

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